'Sand Flats' - Moab

Getting back to into the studio swing after traveling this Fall.  From that trip .. here is another award winner .. took 2nd Place in the Moab Red Rocks Plein-air Competition! .. the main event with over 100 artists participating.

Super surprised  .. I thought this was kind of a weird painting for an entry .. but since the snow ruined a couple previous efforts [left outside to dry .. never expected snow while camping .. oops] .. I was running out of time .. so I set up with the atv and bike rider crowd just outside of Moab to try to capture that slickrock glow.  You never know .. just do it ;)

11x14    oil on canvas panel

And here is my late afternoon setup ..


'Dead Horse'

Just got back from camping for 12 days in Moab ..  great place to have outdoor adventures .. so many people everywhere having fun.  Attended the Moab Red Rocks Plein-air Competition .. won two awards here too!

Here is one winner .. painted from the rim at Deadhorse State Park .. we had only an afternoon to paint .. then frame .. then turn it in for judging.  The canyons were very smoke-filled from the fires in California .. but I managed to record some muted colors and just a small slice of the vastness.  Received 2nd place in the Deadhorse Paint-out  .. a great honor as there was some really good artwork in this show.  Want to go back and paint again .. love the area.

Here it is on the judge's wall ..


'Chamisa' .. won TWO awards :)

Just got back from camping near Escalante - Utah while participating in their Plein-air Competition for the week.  I wasn't having much luck painting rocky landscapes .. so I thought I would try my hand at the lush rabbitbrush lining the roads .. a subject that I had only attempted once before.  Tricky to get the weight of the flowers just right .. a fun challenge.

To my surprise .. this small oil won two awards .. the Award of Merit [one step below Best of Show] .. and the Artist's Choice .. an award which I will certainly treasure.  It sold before I could take a better photo .. but this image gives you an idea of the painting in it's rustic frame.

Right now I am re-supplying and packing up to head out to Moab .. another big Plein-air Competition .. hope I can find a decent camping spot during their busiest time of year .. will report back in a couple weeks.

8x10    oil on canvas panel    SOLD

..  and another photo ..