'Rock Springs Ranch Road'

Tweaked this plein-air piece a little .. painted on top of a mesa near Escalante while at the art competition last Fall.  Always loved road images .. to me it equals adventure :)

9x12   oil on canvas panel


'Straight Cliffs Morning'

Painted from my base camp near the Straight Cliffs just out of Escalante .. this piece was one of the several paintings I did for the Plein-air competition .. could only choose one to enter .. it was not this one.  However I kinda like it .. mainly because it reminds me of what was happening that morning .. cliffs were golden from the rising sun and the sky growing darker by the minute .. luckily the storm retreated and I was left high and dry :)

9x12    oil on canvas panel     $625

creamy white carved wood frame


'Moab - Sunday Morning'

My first urban painting .. was intimidated by all the cars so I left them out .. put in a couple dog-like shapes instead.  It was actually a lazy late afternoon when this plein-air paint-out event was happening .. I was competing with almost 100 artists .. early Fall and still warm.  I will have to try more 'city' pieces .. fun.

9x12    oil on canvas panel