'Canyon Colors' - Grand Canyon South Rim

6x6      oil on canvas     SOLD

Sunset brings out the saturated colors at the Grand Canyon.. this view is not far from the famous El Tovar hotel along the Rim Trail. Capturing this with a digital camera is a challenge.. the colors of golden green of the pinyon trees and red violet of the canyon's shadowed walls seem to be too much for the digital lens... opposites on the Munsell color wheel.. they are a very vibrant pair.


'Cobalt Rising' - Grand Canyon NP

5x7      oil on canvas panel      SOLD

A different reality.. the night world rises and orange merges into the blue.. opposites of the color spectrum. How is this possible? We take this kind of ordinary magic for granted.. but it is really incredible when contemplated.  As an observer... what does the boundary of these two worlds look like.. feel like... and what color is it? How can this magic realm be translated into paint?

A common art principle explanation is that the half-tone [color change area] is a darker and redder shade of the color in the light and the leading edge of the shadowed area is a tad darker shade of itself. But I feel there is more to this.. there must be a rainbow of colors represented between day and night.. the warm to cool transition. Perhaps a micro view of this limbo land would be very beautiful in a larger painting.. and would certainly be a real challenge.


'Watchman Chasm' - Grand Canyon - Colorado River

5x7   oil on canvas panel   my stash

One of my more imaginative paintings.. the personification of the canyon formations.. the swirling colors of the Colorado River... mid-morning light. These small oils have a monumental quality that can translate well to a larger canvas... a fairytale come to life.


'Calico Canyon' - Flaming Gorge-Utah

24x30      oil on canvas in a gold carved frame     $2500   
email me for purchase info

I wish you could see this in person... the last light on the mesa tops with the subtle reflected colors far below... very difficult to get a good digital image of the nuances. Poetry of the quiet time of day. The incessant winds in this part of the country are finally quiet... the sun driven energy softens to the solace of dusk.

This large piece is cradled in a nouveau-modern heavy wood antiqued gold frame with carved vine patterns.


'Aerial' - Lake Powell

5x7     oil on canvas panel     SOLD

High in the sky.... looking down on the spectacular sandstone formations at the northern end of Lake Powell. I needed to paint something different... a new perspective.. some breathing space.. some air... more abstract. This little study was like painting a puzzle... all the parts had to fit together.   I will probably do several pieces of this subject as a series.. investigate the structures further.    I have found the patterns you see here to be present in all aspects of our universe... from the swirls of stellar clouds to the barely discernible same designs in the dirt... the organic flow of this fractal pattern is part of the structure of our perceived reality... just look closely.


'Opposites' - Grand Canyon Sunset

5x7    oil on canvas panel.   SOLD

Blue and orange are opposites on the standard color wheel... but on the artist's color wheel.. the Munsell version... the opposite of blue is yellow and the opposite of red-orange is turquoise. Nothing says the high desert like the use of these colors. If you like art history [my minor in college]... check out the succinct work of the late great Maynard Dixon.. a master of color oppositions you can see emulated by many famous landscape painters today.


'Dawn' - Grand Canyon Rim

5x7 oil on canvas panel

I know this looks a bit strange... almost abstract... an impression of the bright yellow color of the morning sun on the rock formations.. far above the Tonto platform of the Grand Canyon. Maybe a bird flying around would have clarified things.. it is what it is... a small study of light.


'the Gathering' - Arches National Park

5x7     oil on canvas panel     my stash   

An example of another view of the 'Three Sisters' in Arches NP which was the focus of 'Stone Sisters' and 'Procession'. This oil study is a close-up of this famous formation and is more detailed.. lots of fun to do. I love rocks and stones so I guess I am living in a good place among them here in the West :)


'Stone Sisters' - Arches National Park

5x7      oil on canvas panel     SOLD

Here is the revised version of 'Procession' posted last week. I changed the name.. a cheerier title. These magnificent sandstone formations can be found in Arches National Park.. .wonderful... like a huge sculpture garden. I did not change the composition that much from the original.. a few rocks here and there... and the colors of the background were made more atmospheric. Compare for yourself... like those newspaper image puzzles where you have to find 8 things that are different .. only my changes won't be so hard to find!