'Turquoise Onion'

painting of orange onion and turquoise still life fruit vegetables km withers

6x6     oil on gallery-wrapped canvas     $175

This was easier to paint than I expected .. never tried an onion as a subject and was worried about creating the papery impression of the skin.  Instead of usual sienna paint.. I used gold ochre as the base color .. lemon and cad yellow as the lights .. mixed turquoise from cerulean and lemon .. and multi-colored glazes over a grayed cool shadow.  The onion sat under a spotlight on my studio table .. so strong contrast was called for .. that's why I chose blue-green as the complement to the orange-colored subject.  Voila! .. the turquoise onion.

*This is a photo of the onion on my desk top .. painting from life is the best way to learn to see color and closely observe a subject .. still lifes are ideal.

photo of onion still life setup painting