'Split Rock' - Capitol Reef

Another from the series of six recent oils .. this one was frustrating .. you would think a big rock would be easy to paint .. not.  Finally stopped at this point.  These split formations are found all over this region .. some are big enough to explore .. called slot canyons .. a place you do not want to be when it rains.

8x8   oil on canvas panel    $260


'Cedar Mesa' - near Notom - Utah

Another piece from the six series .. framed in satin white .. painted from one of my favorite places in the West .. the Cedar Mesa campground on the east side of Capitol Reef .. glorious landscapes are to be found there in a region of superlatives.

8x8   oil on canvas panel   $260

'Caineville Fields' - east of Capitol Reef

I just finished a series of six 8x8 oils .. inspired by the landscapes found near where I live in Torrey .. framed in satin white wood for a contemporary look.   I debated whether to paint the frames another color .. but then they look 'painted' and not professional .. so it was either black or white in this type frame .. white it is.

8x8   oil on canvas panel   $260