'the Deacon - Cathedral Valley'

Another painting on a wood panel .. has a more uniform surface when painted than on canvas.  Neither good or bad .. just different.  I do like the stiffness of the wood tho.

This studio piece was inspired from one of my many expeditions into the northern area of Capitol Reef .. Cathedral Valley.  A massive imposing formation is found along the dusty road .. high on a crest about a third of the way to the Temples.  Holding court over the vast rocky landscape .. the Deacon.

16x16   oil on wood     $925 
pale gold floater frame

Here are a couple earlier versions:


'Hite Overlook'

First time painting on a cradled wood panel .. gessoed white .. then a layer of magenta acrylic.  I like the wood surface .. not as slick as I thought it might be.

From an overlook along the highway  .. northern end of Lake Powell in Utah ..
The focus of this piece is on the abstract patterns made by the rock formations that used to be covered by the lake.  Hite was a busy marina for houseboats and fisherman .. no more.  This scene is from when there was still some lake water .. but because of persistent droughts in the Southwest .. only the ancient Colorado River flows by now.

16x16   oil on wood panel     $925

maple floater frame

I might paint a pink glaze over the finished piece like this earlier version .. I like it :)


'Reef Savanna'

Drive down the Notom Road on the east side of Capitol Reef NP and you will come upon a wonderland of towering walls of colored earth .. sparsely dotted with Utah junipers and blue-green sage .. great area for an afternoon jaunt across high desert savannas.

 20x20   oil on canvas
framed in carved gold wood      $1500

And a couple of early versions and a blurry closeup of the ancient tree ..


'Living Rock'

Rock portrait .. from along the Burr Trail in Utah .. a wonderland of stone .. alive and magnificent.

8x10      oil on canvas panel      $550

framed in antique pewter wood