'Courthouse Wash'

8x10      oil on canvas panel     SOLD

Not so long ago... all the roads into Arches National Park were gravel.. dusty and rutted. But the park became popular as people discovered this magnificent rock garden.. so the government paved the roads and even more people came. Today.. it is very crowded two thirds of the year. I will leave it to you to discover the other third when it can make all the difference in your experience of this sublime landscape.



8x10     on canvas panel      SOLD

These impressive stone formations are found in Arches National Park in Utah.. an example of just one of the wonderful mammoth natural sculptures dotting this popular park. This piece is a close-up without the distraction of distance or other shapes in the composItion... an intimate view. The forms have an other-worldly feel to them.. as if an important conversation had suddenly turned to stone.


'Wheeler Peak' - Great Basin National Park

8x10     oil on canvas panel

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Wheeler Peak is the second highest mountain in Nevada.. surpassed only by Boundary Peak on the Nevada/California border. Here [where my studio is for the summer].. on the Utah/Nevada stateline.. is Great Basin National Park with wonderful old-time campgrounds and plenty of water [for now]. There used to be large glaciers on Wheeler... but as this painting shows.. there are just a few patches left from it's former glorious white mantle. This piece depicts a scene from the Alpine Lakes Loop Trail.. all above 10,000' in the high thin air and intense sunlight.


'Moonrise' - somewhere in my desert imagination

8x10     oil on canvas panel     SOLD

Moonrise over the West.. an experience of the mystic as the full moon majestically rises over the silent desert.. an experience that I have always found to be one of the best reasons to be alive. This piece is a study in contrasts.. the intense saturated orange of a mesa at last light with the cooler darker violet colors of the foreground already in shadow... the simple moon in a pearly sky contrasted with the earth's wonderful complexity and texture. Purple and orange.. a favorite pair.


'Flat Iron Mesa' - Utah canyonlands

8x10    oil on canvas panel    SOLD

The rich saturated colors of last light in canyon country .. a perfect subject for oils.. and a good reason why oil paints have been used for centuries as the preferred medium for artistic expression.. no other materials come close to the luminous intensity that can be conveyed. This piece is offered for sale with a digital image to represent it.. but the digital image cannot match the lushness of the actual paint colors or how beautiful it is when viewed framed in a personal space... this is where Art comes alive.


'Reservation Blues' - north of Holbrook - Arizona

8x10      oil on canvas panel      SOLD

Navajo Highway 6 runs north from Holbrook - Arizona .. one of the many paved trails on the Reservation.. trails because hardly anyone travels these great old roads.. you might see Native Americans in U.S.-made pickups and a few intrepid [or lost] tourists. Love cruising these lonely beautiful highways.. nostalgia for the late great days of Arizona.


'Mill Creek Canyon' - Utah

8x10    oil on canvas panel    SOLD

The redrock landscapes arouind Moab - Utah are some of my favorites in the entire West.. an artist's dream of form and color. This is a study of warm pottery -colored earth contrasted with the wonderful cool silvery blue-green sage lining an impromptu trail ... hiking in the beautiful Mill Creek Canyon area.. just one of many spectacular pockets in this part of the country.. best visited in late October or November after the crowds.


'Kaibab Trail' - Grand Canyon

5x7    oil on a canvas panel   SOLD

Not for the faint of heart or the badly out-of-shape.. the Kaibab Trail descends into the depths of the Grand Canyon.. a major Stairmaster workout. at high elevation and in an unforgiving dry climate. This small oil study is from a small portion of that trail... the O'Neil Butte region not too far from the Rim.. the Butte being one of the landmarks on this famous trail.  Relatively easy to descend.. tourists are lulled into the chase of a new experience forgetting about the brutal climb that awaits them.  People die on this trail .. be prepared!


'Desert Islands' - Sonoran sunset

8x10    oil on canvas panel

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A typical slice of a desert landscape.. an intimate perspective.. creosote bushes and trees surrounded by luminous golden grasses.. garden islands in a swirling sea of gravel and sand.. lavender silvery light falling from the sky.. the last light of the setting sun.


'Sienna Light' - Grand Canyon NP

8x10    oil on canvas panel

Gallery 24 - Torrey - Utah

The Grand Canyon is so vast .. it's size is not really experienced from the Rim. Living at the Canyon for three years allowed me to experience it in all weather conditions and different lighting conditions. In this painting.. only a very small piece of the Canyon is visible.. increasing the intimacy and detail of one of it's numerous monumental formations. This particular terraced temple-like structure.. shining in the last light of sunset.. is found just below Mather Point and is one of my favorite subjects.. surely to be painted again and again.

*Updated painting .. the original older piece was painted over and re-posted here in it's current 2016 version.