'Sandy Ranch - Capitol Reef'

**Update .. repainted this piece .. improved the composition from too linear .. more broken areas .. bigger trees and road .. increased color .. added ravens .. 
compare and see what you think :)

30x30 oil   gallery-wrapped canvas     $1600

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- view at the Rim Rock Restaurant in Torrey Utah -

Previous version:

american landscape painting sandy ranch alfalfa fields capitol reef utah km withers art

And in it's polished wood frame:


working on 'Sandy Ranch' - painting process

30x30 canvas... a few stages of the 'Sandy Ranch' .. on the border of Capitol Reef NP:

initial shapes.. first phase

adding more contrast and color

defining where the painting is might be going ...

Getting there .. firming up.. now on to the refinements.

*This is not the finished painting .. see the finished painting in the post above.