'Turquoise Onion'

painting of orange onion and turquoise still life fruit vegetables km withers

6x6     oil on gallery-wrapped canvas     $175

This was easier to paint than I expected .. never tried an onion as a subject and was worried about creating the papery impression of the skin.  Instead of usual sienna paint.. I used gold ochre as the base color .. lemon and cad yellow as the lights .. mixed turquoise from cerulean and lemon .. and multi-colored glazes over a grayed cool shadow.  The onion sat under a spotlight on my studio table .. so strong contrast was called for .. that's why I chose blue-green as the complement to the orange-colored subject.  Voila! .. the turquoise onion.

*This is a photo of the onion on my desk top .. painting from life is the best way to learn to see color and closely observe a subject .. still lifes are ideal.

photo of onion still life setup painting


'Turban Squash'

6x6     oil on gallery-wrapped canvas    $175

This was a great subject to paint .. took quite awhile .. and this photo is only a facsimile of the real thing .. the paint is much more subtle and modeled.  However .. it's a worthy impression and gives you an idea of what I was trying to convey ... the glowing quality and the wonderful saturated orange of the stripes.


'Red Grapes'

6x6      oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

Winter is a good time for practicing close observation of objects ... painting while the cold winds blow outside .. small studies are fun to do in the warmth of the studio. Sometimes these can be a real challenge .. like this one .. the red from the light shining through the bottle was beautiful .. like stained glass. I may have to try this one again .. I have had zero practice painting glass .. on to the next one!