'Tonto Junipers' - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon painting, original art, Tonto plateau

12x12         oil on canvas         

An impression of the late afternoon light... stylized Grand Canyon formations as seen from the Tonto... some of the best views can be found on this vast plateau... halfway down to banks of the mighty Colorado River.  Magical times.

** Update:  This painting no longer exists .. it has evolved into a much bluer version..
see it here.


'Grand Canyon Moment'

Grand Canyon painting original sunset oil Southwest art landscape western art

8x10    oil on canvas panel    SOLD

Available Paintings .. Gallery 24 - Torrey - Utah

This is from a series of studies I did of the last light on a particular Canyon formation..one that millions of tourists see from the South Rim.  My focus in these studies was the contrast of complementary colors ... and the drama it affords.  The beautiful weathered shapes catching the warm golden rays of the sun amid pools of cool cobalt blue.  Great fun to paint!


'Desert Glory'

desert original painting, death valley plants,California impressionism

9x12       oil on canvas panel       SOLD

Desert plants have always fascinated me ... how do they survive and thrive in the harsh climate of the deserts? ...especially in the furnace-like conditions down on the valley floor of Death Valley.   This oil study is of one such hardy old survivor... which seemed to glory in it's environment.