Just outside Bryce National Park is a wonderland of sandstone formations called Red Canyon.. some say it is better than Bryce.. well worth visiting if you are traveling to the West this summer.  This piece was inspired by one of those formations.. a large imposing monolith overlooking the highway... a regal sentinel surveying the realm.   Lots of color... fun to paint.

11x14   oil on canvas panel

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Inspired by the magnificent old growth trees on the shores of Lake Yellowstone. this group is next to the ice cream shop.. a great place to paint!

12x16    oil painting on panel

'Breathe' - Yellowstone

Time flies doesn't it?.. and time to get back to updating this blog which I enjoy sharing with all the devoted art lovers out there.  Here is a small 9x12 oil from the summer of '08 when I was working in Yellowstone National Park.  This is typical of one of those steamy vignettes found along the road between the Lake region [where I was living] and near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  More to come.. glad to be back.

9x12     oil on panel     SOLD