'Pomegranate Shadows'

5x7    oil on canvas panel

Another pomegranate painting .. a close crop with the focus on the cast shadow design. These small studies are fun to do .. and using amazing reds is especially rewarding.  Enjoy!


Christmas 'Pomegranate'

pomegranate painting km withers art ruby red fruit still life

5x7     oil on canvas panel      SOLD

Getting back to the easel..decided to paint a series of still life objects.  Since it was early December and the pomegranates were ripening here in the desert.. I chose them.

Such a great subject.. beautiful rich alizarin crimson with a host of other reds from my boxes of paints.  Why use alizarin you might ask? ... because there is simply no replacement.. other substitutes are close but not nearly the same.  I say.. let this magnificent red speak for itself!