5x7      oil on canvas panel      SOLD

This is my effort at painting a green apple.. green being a color I use rarely on my palette.. and if I do.. they are always mixed from yellows, oranges and blues. In this particular piece.. I used cerulean blue and cadmium yellow light with a touch of orange to imply the ripeness of this big green apple. Oh.. and the title of this painting inspired me to paint an impression of the famous New York City skyline.. the Big Apple.


'Summer Peach'

5x7     oil on canvas panel     SOLD

Who doesn't like a fresh summer peach just off the tree? Alas for most of us.. we have to settle for the store-bought variety... still juicy good. I usually paint landscapes but decided to brush up on my still life skills.. requires quite a bit more concentration and intense eye power to see all the nuances.. a good change.. a good challenge.