'Old Boathouse' - Lake Yellowstone

Painted on location from the Lake Yellowstone Hotel area.. this old boathouse is still standing despite bearing the brunt of brutal winter winds off the lake. There is a small picnic area nearby.. and a beach.. no crowds.. perfect in the warm afternoon of summer.  

8x10    oil on canvas panel

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'Afternoon Rising' - Grand Staircase NM - Utah

Here is a piece I am in the process of working out the final details.  There are some problems to be resolved with lighting and minor adjustments of color.. and maybe a few tweaks to composition.. in short.. almost finished.  

11x14         oil on canvas panel           SOLD


'Degrees of Separation' - Lake Yellowstone

On a blustery early September afternoon I was out for a drive.  After awhile.. I stopped along Lake Yellowstone's shores and after walking a few minutes I found this area.  Small quiet rivulets of hot water were sliding down to the Lake's cold cold waters.. the white chalky rocks.. the expanse of blue water.. the wind off the Lake was fierce.  I was blown away [well almost].  Here is an impression of that experience from my studio where no winds prevail.

8x10     oil on canvas panel       SOLD


'Lake Yellowstone Hotel' - early June

The title says it all.. and a testament to lots of snow the winter before.  As I remember.. I think the Lake was still frozen solid when I painted this.  Then all of a sudden in one day.. it wasn't.  Magic.

   8x10     oil on panel

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'Powell Point' - Utah

This small 8x10 oil was painted plein-air late in the afternoon while standing on one of the red dirt tracks found in the area [great for off-road adventures].  Fading sun on the magnificent Powell Point.. the highest plateau in the Bryce region.  This 10,000'+  formation can easily be seen from throughout southern Utah.  The bristlecone pine forests on it's crown are the best I have ever seen... many old patriarchs... and even young healthy trees.  Good to know they are still thriving.

   8x10      oil on canvas panel      SOLD




'Lakeshore Drive' - Yellowstone

Late summer afternoon on the shores of the high-elevation Lake Yellowstone.. typical scene while on a short stroll from the historic Lake Hotel to the quaint Yellowstone Store for an ice cream.  This was one of my favorite things to do.. beautiful colors and a treat at the end!

8x10      oil on canvas panel

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